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Location: Orange County Courthouse, Orlando, FL 32801

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Melissa Tieman
Orange County Courthouse, Orlando, FL 32801
Remember, a jury should return a guilty verdict only if they feel the prosecution has removed all doubt as to the accused's innocence. From what I've read & Seen, the prosecution dropped the ball more than once, and because of it, no matter how damning any evidence was, there was still at least a shadow of a doubt. If there's blame to be placed, it's on the prosecutors. If one juror had any doubt about whether she was guilty, then the jury part of the justice system did what it was supposed to do. So PLEASE remember that NOT ANY OF US HONESTLY KNOWS THE TRUTH- I have watched the trial from day one- IF I was on the JURY- I could NOT find her GUILTY , Because as I said the Prosecution DID NOT PROOF ANY GUILT to ME BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT! I Feel they had to many Witnesses stating different opinions- That was confusing, and Hard to decide whom we thought was RIGHT. I KNOW CASEY, GEORGE, CINDY, and LEE WILL get there DAY OF JUDGEMENT From GOD! GOD and those 4 only know the TRUTH! MY HEART GOES OUT TO Little CAYLEE- Because JUSTICE WAS NOT SEVERED- BUT IN THE END GOD WILL HAVE THE LAST SAY AND JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!  Go>>
peggy hill
Orange County Courthouse, Orlando...
I'm sad that we can't get justice for Caylee..  Go>>
mary bisceglia
Orange County Courthouse, Orlando...
they keep going back to the duct tape, not really sure about the tape, Casey could have used the tape to wrap up the package and it could have stuck to Caylee's face, they really have not proven she actually killed her daughter, it could have been a drawning, so far they haven't proved anything "just alot of tough words" and that doesn't prove anything. She is a liar and should serve some time but not death!!!!!!!  Go>>
Lois Gibson
Orlando, FL
I played here in 2010. We went to Disney World a few years ago and had a great time!  Go>>
Cynthia Montgomery
Orange County Courthouse, Orlando...
I lived here from 1975 to 1980. Our justice system is BROKE...She is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt & should have gotten the death penalty ! How did the state of FL find 12 dumb ***** to judge this ????  Go>>

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