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Location: Orange County Courthouse, Orlando, FL 32801

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Melissa Tieman
Orange County Courthouse, Orlando, FL 32801
Remember, a jury should return a guilty verdict only if they feel the prosecution has removed all doubt as to the accused's innocence. From what I've read & Seen, the prosecution dropped the ball more than once, and because of it, no matter how damning any evidence was, there was still at least a shadow of a doubt. If there's blame to be placed, it's on the prosecutors. If one juror had any doubt about whether she was guilty, then the jury part of the justice system did what it was supposed to do. So PLEASE remember that NOT ANY OF US HONESTLY KNOWS THE TRUTH- I have watched the trial from day one- IF I was on the JURY- I could NOT find her GUILTY , Because as I said the Prosecution DID NOT PROOF ANY GUILT to ME BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT! I Feel they had to many Witnesses stating different opinions- That was confusing, and Hard to decide whom we thought was RIGHT. I KNOW CASEY, GEORGE, CINDY, and LEE WILL get there DAY OF JUDGEMENT From GOD! GOD and those 4 only know the TRUTH! MY HEART GOES OUT TO Little CAYLEE- Because JUSTICE WAS NOT SEVERED- BUT IN THE END GOD WILL HAVE THE LAST SAY AND JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!  Go>>
Sonia Colon Suarez
Orange County Courthouse, Orlando...
How could they have gone through 31 days of testimony in 10 hours. They went in to that jury room already saying not guilty!! Insane!! Jury what were you thinking???  Go>>
Donna Ammons
Orange County Courthouse, Orlando...
No justice for a beautiful baby. The jury had to have a sixth grade education. How stupid they were, the writing was on the wall and thier hands were held and they still could not see the truth to deliver that baby some justice. The jurors, the defense team and Casey all will be going to hell in the end. The truth and justice was not served. I am sad to say that it is true what some say, that the courts only work for the offender and never the victim. If she were innocent in this crime, she would never have had to tell the first lie.  Go>>
Darlene Ruud
Orange County Courthouse, Orlando...
After all is said and done Casey SHOULD have been the responsible adult that protected her child from everything. Apparently that did not happen!!!!  Go>>
elyce duerr
Orange County Courthouse, Orlando...
I lived here from 1963 to 1994. Talk about a travesty of our Justice, since when do we allow a baby killer off scott free? The duck tape alone was enough to show murder and the last person with Caylee was dear old murdering mom and that poor baby was wearing the SAME shirt as in that photo. All of us who were young moms at one point wished that we were carefree again but none of us murdered our kids. The prosocution nailed it when she said 'who's life was better without Caylee?'. The ONLY one who got her way in all of this was Casey and she's still getting her way. I hope that every time that jury closes their eyes they see Caylee's precious face covered with tape while her mother, Casey, celebrates getting away with it!  Go>>

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